A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning a Bathroom

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Bathrooms are perhaps the most difficult part of the home to clean. This is because it is frequently being used and exposed to germs and dirt. It is also prone to mould and mildew because of constant humidity. Not to mention the shower grout stains. In order to keep the bathroom in order, you must also have the best bathroom cleaning products available at your fingertips.

What is unique about bathrooms is that they can require many different products. Some of the basics include soup scum and mildew removers, disinfectants, toilet bowl cleaners as well rags, brushes and sponges.

The first step on how to clean a bathroom is to remove clothes or towels that can be stained by cleaning products. Rugs and other coverings should be sent to the wash as well. If there are dirty clothes, pick them up and place them in a hamper or send them to the laundry to be washed.

Clean the ceiling by removing the cobwebs and dirt that may accumulate. If possible, wipe it down with a disinfectant as well. It is important to clean the ceiling because when the toilet is flushed, particles of water become airborne and land on the different parts of the bathroom, including the ceiling.

Usually, the hardest part of cleaning a bathroom is the shower. This is because soap scum and mildew tends to build up into shower grout and becomes difficult to remove. If shower grout stains are allowed to accumulate, the task becomes greater, so best to clean the shower at least once a week. Frequency means less work ultimately when it comes to the shower. I always clean the shower while I am actually having a shower. I keep a soft scourer and a bottle of white cream cleanser such as Jif next to the shampoo and scrub away. It won’t even take a minute of your time if you maintain the practice. But if you haven’t cleaned the shower for a while, it is the most challenging task of your bathroom clean so start there while the energy is still high.

For hard core shower grout stains, use the appropriate bathroom cleaning products such as mildew solutions or bleach. Apply the product and allow it to soak for a while before scrubbing. Clean the shower curtain and the shower door track as well. Rinse the entire shower with water after cleaning to get rid of the dirt and chemicals.

The next step to a sparkling bathroom is to work on the mirrors and other surfaces. Use clean rags to get rid of dirt and dust that may accumulate. For mirrors, it is best to use newspapers to prevent streaking. The sink and the faucets also deserve special attention. Wipe them down thoroughly with an all-purpose cleaner and rinse.

The toilet should not be forgotten as well. The inside of the bowl should be scrubbed using a toilet brush and a cleaner. Wipe the rim and under the lid. Bathroom cleaning products can be used to clean the back part of the toilet as well as its pedestal. Finally, mop the floor of the bathroom and make sure to empty the garbage can.

Paper towels may be used to clean the bathroom instead of sponges and rags. The reason for this is that bathrooms are especially dirty. Paper towels can simply be thrown out in the bin and along with them, the germs that are picked up. If rags or sponges are chosen, make sure to disinfect them by washing them thoroughly with soap and water before using them again to prevent germs from being spread around.


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