4 Things You Can Do to Save Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Wheel Woolies have long established a reputation as being the go-to wheel brushes for rigorous wheel cleaning. As we all know that we can do refurbishment of alloy wheel that is definitely very easy. But the thing that matters a lot after repairing is to save the alloy wheels from getting damaged again. First thing that you should do after repairing your alloy wheel is to take care of them, especially for the first 24 hours. They will definitely be dry so that you can touch them, but you should avoid rubbing them. You should prevent it from heavy rainfall, because a strong rain spray or continued absorption could damage the clear coat of your alloy wheels. Here in this article we are explaining things that should do for saving your wheel refurbishment.

1. Avoid Cleaning Wheel with Steam:

Never allow your alloy wheels or tires to be steam cleaned. Hot steam can dull the paint or clear coat finish on your alloy wheel. Never clean, hot wheels always wait until the point when they cool down. Water on your alloy wheels will dry faster on a hot surface and cause your cleaning solution to dry to rapidly leaving spots or a film of soap on your wheels.

2. Fixing The Damaged Alloy Wheels:

Another technique that you should prefer to adopt for cleaning the wheel is to drive carefully and avoid as much bumps present on the road as you can. Driving carefully could help you to save lots of money that will be spend on repairing the wheels. But still if there comes any damage to your alloy wheels then you can fix cosmetic faults simply by sanding the damaged area, for this repair kits are available in the market. But there are only few people who know ways to get long lasting finish after getting first alloy wheel service. So if you have enough knowledge only then try to repair it by yourself otherwise you should prefer to hire the wheel specialist or Platinum Alloy Wheel Solutions.

3. Avoid Automatic Car Washes:

Always keep in mind that after Repairing Alloy Rims you have to avoid using any type of automatic car washes, because alignment rails present on car washes were designed before the arrival of alloy wheels. It use to have high side walls due to which the rim will never get near to the rail that could easily damage the edge of the alloy wheel. That’s why hand care is considered to be the best for alloy wheel.

4. Cleaning Your Alloys Wheels:

The most important thing that matters a lot is to clean your wheels on regular basis as we all know dirt, dust or grim could be very dangerous for your wheels it you will never clean it. So it will be better that you keep on cleaning the wheels on weekly basis so that your wheels will remain safe. But make sure you are using the best wheel cleaner as there are some cleaners that are also harmful for your wheels. Other than that you can simply use the soap water to get the perfect cleaned look.