Outdoor Renovation Ideas and Tips

If you have plans to spruce up your outdoor area, here are some handy tips to help you do it:

• Layout and Design

It’s important to think about how you will use the space when putting together the garden of your dreams. Whether it’s a social hub for family and friends, a place to retreat, or a place for the kids to play outside, the purpose will help determine the design.

You can follow a theme for a real impact. You could design your garden area with a casual or formal ambience. You may want to create an urban oasis. You may want a country garden. You could even take on an international approach such as a French parterre garden, an Asian tropical look or a backyard full of natives.

In a small courtyard or on a balcony, removing clutter helps. Make sure each furniture piece, plant, pot and decorative element has a purpose.

• Plants

You could use a tall fast-growing plant as a focal point in the garden. If you want to create an illusion of height, position smaller plants around this tree. This will help make the garden look more expansive.

That cute little shrub you plant today could be a sun-blocking monster within a couple of years. Be sure to allow for growth and be aware of the mature size of everything you plant. Aging gracefully should be the key-not overpower the house and backyard.

• Entertaining

To make sure you have enough space to maneuver chairs in and out, you have at least 1.5 meters on either side of the table.

Barbeques have grown and now have finishes from sleek stainless steel to black vitreous enamel. Decide how many burners you’ll need and look at other features when you’re selecting. You may want a viewing window, wok burner, warming rack or side shelves.

Outdoor furniture options are making the backyard a comfortable and relaxing place to relax and catch up with friends. If you include a brazier, fire pit or gas heater, you can entertain outdoors all year round.

• Accessories and Furniture

Modular outdoor seating can be shifted around to suit your changing needs for a contemporary look. Add cushions for extra comfort and visual appeal.

You can take decorative touches that you usually find indoors to the outdoors, including floor rugs and floor lamps. Outdoor wall art, statues, sculptures and urns can set the tone of the backyard. Solar lighting and lanterns help us utilize outdoor space after dark.

Umbrellas in various sizes, shapes and colors liven up an outdoor area while remaining essential items during the summer months. They are both sophisticated and sun-protective.

When it comes to creating a color palette for your outdoor area simplicity is key. You should use no more than three color selections. You’ll also want to use light neutral tones in cool grey or light tan. These can help to make a space some more expansive.

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