Tips to Avoid a Wedding Reception Disaster

Booking a Wedding Reception is one of the more difficult components of planning a wedding other than that it would be better to held your wedding reception venues Melbourne. Most people getting married do not properly know how to throw a good party – especially one that people will remember for the right reasons. They think if they just get the people there, then everything else will fall into place. This is definitely not the case, and if you want to throw the party of the century, you should pay attention to the following:

1.Book Your Reception Well in Advance: this isn’t as simple as booking a reservation at a restaurant. Most reception halls are booked 8-12 months out – which means in order to get the place of your dreams, be sure to book at least 12 months out. If you don’t, you will either be stuck settling on a place or you’re just going to have to wait.

2.Have a Backup Plan: if your wedding reception is outside, have a backup plan if it rains or there is inclement weather. Think about your guests and if they will get cold (fall and winter months), if it’s too windy, if there are too many bugs…you get the point.

3.Have your Wedding Over a Holiday Weekend – especially Sunday, and Save Lots of Dough: most people plan their weddings for Saturdays; however, if you want a great deal on the most expensive part of your wedding, book it on a Sunday. Reception Halls are far less busy and will offer you rock bottom prices. And if you want the absolute BEST deal, then go ahead and book it over a holiday weekend, like Memorial Day. If you’re having an out of town wedding, it might just be the perfect weekend getaway for your guests – make a weekend out of it!

4.Factor in the number of people coming: think about all of the weddings you’ve gone to in the past. Which ones do you actually remember? The really good ones, or the really bad ones? When you’re working with your reception hall, make sure that you give your guests ample amount of space to eat (no more than 8-10 at a table), to mingle, and finally dance. The last thing your guests want is a crowded dance floor and not enough elbow room at a table where they know one other couple.

5.DRY WEDDINGS ARE AN ABSOLUTE NO-GO: this one is simple. If you are having a wedding reception and you are inviting 100 people, there is a strong possibility that 98/100 people will care for a drink or five.. Talk about weddings that stick out in people’s minds…dry weddings could top the list, and often do come up in conversation. If you say you don’t have any money, then a) substitute flowers or a videographer for an open bar or b) take out a second job to pay for it because it will be worth it. Without booze, people don’t dance, they don’t socialize, and the next thing you know they are talking about it for years to come.

On a similar note, some people ask about cash bars at weddings as well. This one is somewhat hit or miss depending on where you are. At the very minimum you should be buying beer and wine for everyone. The one way to save some dough here is to only offer wine during dinner and actually close the bar, until dinner is over. When dinner resumes, go ahead and open those bars because people just sobered up while eating.

6.Location to the Ceremony Venue: if you’re having your wedding ceremony in Illinois, don’t have your reception in Iowa. Slight exaggeration but you may get the point. Making people drive +30 minutes from your ceremony to the reception hall is an absolute mistake. When people go to weddings, they don’t want to think about the stress from going to one place to another.

7.Color Schemes for your Wedding: let’s face it, there’s a good chance you are not a graphics or interior designer – don’t try to be one. Certain colors go together for a reason – don’t disrupt the color wheel! Even if you think that you love the colors and how your reception is going to look, and of course it’s your special day, think again. This is another thing people will talk about after your wedding, and you want them to be saying good things.

8.How long will YOUR wedding last? It’s probably not a good idea to shut the lights off at 9:00pm; however, you most likely don’t need to go too far past 11:00pm.

9.Hangover Busters Required: when looking back at several successful weddings, there are two things in common: ample amount of alcohol AND hangover busters. The hangover buster is light-fare food to give to your guests as the night is winding down. Some example could be hot dogs, popcorn, nacho bar, candy, etc. People will remember this one for all of the right reasons. Ask your reception hall to just toss one of these packages in as it can definitely be negotiated.

10.Transportation: assuming you follow the above ways to avoid a disaster, this one could perhaps be the most important point to remember. Do not let people drive home drunk, especially after attending the party of the century. Have transportation arranged from the reception to the local hotel, ensure that people are not driving their own cars home, or even have free taxis waiting outside ready to bring them back home.

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