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Get Up To Date With Fire Rated Downlights

January 25th, 2012

When considering lighting options aesthetics is going to rank highly on your list of requirements. This often means however that your lights are going to be placed next to other perhaps unsuitable materials that might not react well to the excess heat generated by a light. The materials around a fitting can also cause the light to overheat which can make it a fire hazard. This is why firerated downlights have been created. They have been designed not to overheat which means that they will also comply with new building regulations.

The design of these lights means that they have a ventilated bodies which can deal with excess heat, as well as being integrated with intumescent material. These are great options for new buildings, especially commercial areas where lighting might be in use 24 hours a day. Many of the lights are also designed so that they can be easily maintained with easy access tops. Because of the changes in the building regulations it is now essential to have these lights in order to be up to date with fire safety requirements.

T5 fluorescent lights are deceptively efficient with energy usage and can put out as much light as a T8 lamp with 20% less wattage. These are great options for commercial environments that need to be well lit, such as offices and stock rooms. The 10000 hour lamp life on average means that they are often great value for money at under £2 each (excluding VAT).

Home Disasters Often Require Specialized Contractors For Repairs

January 13th, 2012

For the worst situation happens in your home like when disasters happen, you have applied in an insurance provider as the anticipation so you will get the compensation when there is hurricane or flood destroys your home. The compensation offered by an insurance provider can be the money to repair your damaged home caused by those disasters. In fact, it’s not easy to claim your compensation in those disasters. It should make you need more than just home contractor to repair your home but it has to be the one that can help you get the compensation you deserve.

You maybe wonder if it possible to find the home restoration contractor that can help you claims your insurance compensation and repair your home at the same time. The answer is, yes you can meet the contractor in those criteria as long as you contact Jarvis Property Restoration. For years this construction company has worked to satisfy its clients who need the help with insurance claim and home restoration caused by disasters.

The experts you meet in this company would like to help you in all aspects related to your home disasters restoration. It is very important to contact only the specialists in home restoration and Jarvis Property Restoration should be your choice.