House Cleaning Tips – How to Clean a House Step-by-Step

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Cleaning a home a house is definitely an arduous task and one that can be difficult to master for a new cleaner. Sure most can end up the job sorted, but could it be good enough and how long has it taken. That is the question. No-one wants to spend extra hours cleaning a home simply because they would never know how to start or how to start properly.

Obviously the greater the house the more it requires so by knowing how to clean quickly and efficiently is most surely an added bonus for a house cleaner, whether it’s their very own house or someone else’s.

Cleaning a home implies that there needs to be some organization towards the job otherwise considerable time is wasted running backwards and forwards between jobs and between rooms.

The initial step before starting

The first step in cleaning a house is to be prepared and also to possess the right tools and products for the job. It is amazing just how much longer it can take when the incorrect tools are used to accomplish a task. Using the wrong lotions and potions for example, may not do the job at hand and also by using the wrong product on the wrong surfaces could produce disaster. Can you imagine using a strong floor cleanser on a fine wooden cabinet? Ouch, no that will not be good at all!

The 2nd Key to getting arrived.

Working in a clutter free home is essential.

Now that you are organized together with your tools and cleansers, the second job to arrange is a tidy house without any clutter. If this job is left for you, you may like to grab hold of a sizable strong bin liner and whisk with the house and throw everything in it. If you have teenagers you may want to actually have a bag for every room and they can get it sorted out later on.

Start the cleaning task.

Using the house clutter free and the right equipment you are on your way to some better and quicker clean. I love to begin with the bedrooms as these rooms aren’t usually so dirty and I once they are done Personally i think like I’ve achieved something for my effort. Then i focus on the bathrooms. These rooms can be quite arduous to wash as they are often the dirtiest rooms in the house. After many years of experience I’ve learned to spray the showers having a cleanser before I clean the bedrooms. By doing this the cleaner has had an opportunity to work on the dirt and soap scum.

In the bathrooms I move into the living areas and finally your kitchen.

Your kitchen always needs a major effort since it is where meals are prepared and also at a while or any other all members of your family come into this room and make a mess. Fortunately, some clean up after themselves but some don’t. I like to clean through the microwave, the other appliances and so the stove. After all those tasks are completed I then clean the bench tops and cupboard doors, completing with washing the floor.


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