The Way to Clean a Bathroom Step by Step

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Strategy: Start from the top and work your way down. Move in the direction of your dominant hand. (move clockwise if you are right-handed; move counter-clockwise if you are left-handed.)

The steps below describe, step by step, how to thoroughly clean a bathroom. Steps marked with an asterisk (*) are those that are the minimum you should do if you are in a crisis situation – that is, if you have just received notice that guests are coming over, and your house is a mess.

Equipment needed:

Rubber gloves
Folded towel or rubber cushion for you to kneel on
Surface cleaners
Floor cleaner
Disposable towels
Toilet brush
Toilet cleaner
New trash bag for wastebasket
Long-handled duster

Step 1. Start at one corner of the ceiling. Work your way around the edge between the wall and the ceiling, using a long-handled duster to collect spider webs. Stroking downward, push towards the floor any dust that is adhered to the walls and doors. Wipe off the top of doors and door frames, shower curtain rod, tops of medicine cabinets, top edges of mirrors, and tops of any tall vanities or cabinets.

Step 2. The bathtub and shower

*Option A – If you are in a rush because you are expecting guests, you may get away with hiding the tub by completely closing the shower curtain. Do this only if you are in a crisis.

Option B – Clean the tub, shower, and wet-tolerant walls thoroughly. Again, start at the top and work down. Use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions (such as diluted vinegar) whenever possible. Wipe the walls. Clean the grout using an oxy-bleach cleaner. To get rid of a ring around the tub, drench towels in vinegar and then cover the ring with them. Clean the spigots and faucets. Scrub the inside of the tub. Rinse everything well. Finally, organize your soap and shampoo bottle collection. I know that some of you have a small store inside your shower. DOWNSIZE. Get rid of some of the bottles. At the very least, wipe them off and straighten them up.

Step 3. The sink and vanity. Take all the paraphernalia off the vanity, and wipe it off. Don’t put everything back. You really don’t need all the stuff you store there. If you do need it, is the top of the vanity the best place to store it? The area will look much nicer if there is nothing on it – except maybe a candle. Put all your “daily cleaning solutions” into a bin, and store that bin in the closet. *Clean the spigot and faucet. Scrub the inside of the sink. Get rid of all that dried toothpaste residue.

Step 4. The toilet. *Use a brush to clean the inside and under the rim. Then clean the top of the tank, the seat, and under the seat. Don’t forget about that hard to reach section between the back of the seat and the tank. It tends to collect hairs and dust and yellow spots. Next clean the outside of the bowl. Some people may switch to a mop at this point. But I really think that to do a thorough job, you need to get on your knees and wipe all around it – front, sides, and back. (Find this disgusting? Changing your perspective can make this job easier: Remind yourself that you are lucky not to have to use an outhouse, or worse; and that many people on our planet would be happy to have their own toilet to clean. )

Step 5. The floor. *First, use a broom to collect all the dust and hairs that have collected. Pay special attention to the corners, and the “no man’s land” between the opened door and the wall. Next, use a wet mop to clean the floor.

* Step 6. Empty the trash. Put a new bag in the wastebasket.

* Step 7. If needed, light a candle, or spray some air freshener. Put a box fan in front of the door to dry the floor more quickly.

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