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How to Avoid Rust Spots in Your Bathroom

December 23rd, 2011

Any metal container inside your bathroom are very much susceptible to corrosion. As everyone knows, corrosion is a process whereby water (or moisture), iron in metal, and oxygen interact together to undergo a chemical reaction whereby rust is form. The resulting product or iron oxide is comparatively difficult to remove. Similarly, rust stain removal is another tough process.

When we take a bath, everyone has these metal containers within our bathroom (shaving foam cans, metallic soap dispensers and so on). Since our bathroom is so filled with water, moisture is more likely to be retained. When moisture and oxygen can be found, corrosion will definitely take place.

Probably the most likely to corrode in our bathroom are shaving foam metal cans. It is really quite unpleasant to see rust stains in our bathroom. The reddish to brownish discoloration that is related to rust stains are merely unaesthetic. How can you maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom countertop or bath cabinet and take away these stains? Follow these simple steps.

First is to eliminate the supply of these stains. Only buy shaving foams that are packaged having a flat plastic lid. Those without a lid may do provided a set top. These shaving foam cans usually are available in metal in order to keep pressure within the container well confined. Pressurized container permit easy dispersal providing you with the best consistency (foamy) shaving cream. So never (or seldom) would you find shaving foam containers made from plastic.

Be sure to always lay your cans inverted so that the plastic lid will come in contact with your bath counter and thereby lowering the probabilities of staining. The metal may rust, though, but it won’t stain your countertop or your cabinet if placed by doing this. Voila! Providing see stubborn rust on your bath cabinets! You eliminated the origin the number 1 solution for this problem.

Air fresheners which are usually kept in your bathrooms may also cause this rust staining. One good option if you cannot find a can having a plastic lid, you can utilize any lid from a yogurt container or a potato chip. Just make sure that the lid fits well on your can. Or also purchase lids available at your local convenience store. They are more sturdy and they are usually holed. This really is much more preferable as this allows escape of excess moisture and water easily.

If, for some reasons, the stain has already been there, then you have no choice but to deal with this using rust removal products. You need to cope with this immediately as you don’t wish to watch for it to break your bathroom items. You can utilize organic rust removers with the stains for any safer treatment. These items effectively get rid of the stains and they even protect the surface from rust stains. Rust remover products can be purchased online.

Obviously, the more efficient way of dealing with these rust spots would be to conserve a clean bathroom. Always remember and also hardwearing . bathroom neat by wiping surfaces which are normally soiled. Whenever possible keep your bathrooms moist-free allowing your shower curtains drape (so that they will dry easily), keeping your bathroom doors open every after bath to allow water to evaporate (although not completely).Prevention may be the answer to any difficulty anyway!

How to Clean Mildew From Shower, and Shower Door Tracks

December 23rd, 2011

Mildew often lives on shower walls, window sills, shower door tracks, shower curtains, grout near bathtubs and other places where moisture levels are high.

Mold and Mildew is a fungus that grows in warm and moist environments.

Mold and Mildew could be identified by its color.

For those who have a problem with mugginess and warm environments, mold or mildew could potentially form. Mildew and mold will require root mostly in which the humidity level is high, together with low circulation of air, poor lighting or low lighting , and damp areas.

If you are experiencing problems with Mildew or mold in your bathroom showers, or shower tracks. Here is a simple means to fix help you tackle those problem areas in your bathroom.

Mix one cup of bleach to a gallon of water, be sure you place this mix inside a spray bottle for easy use.

Now open all windows inside your bathroom and turn on the ventilation switch if you have one in your bathrooms to produce enough ventilation when you are cleaning. Put on cleaning gloves along with a mask for protection since the chemicals can be harmful for your health, associated with pension transfer cleaning items that aren’t natural. Also provide an old toothbrush handy for scrubbing Mold and mildew in your shower tracks and tub grout if you have grout around your bath tub.

Now spray the part bleach solution onto the area in which the Mildew or mold growth has been observed, leave onto area at least 5 to 10 minutes then take your toothbrush and scrub the region clean. In most cases the Mildew or mold will appear reduced instantly without even scrubbing.

Once you have sprayed and scrubbed the area, try taking some clean water and wash thoroughly and dry the region with clean rags or towels. After you have eliminated the problem areas, you are able to clean your shower having a disinfectant solution to finish your shower.