Home Renovation Ideas

Renovating your home is a great way to improve your living conditions and to make your home into the dream house you perhaps couldn’t afford originally. You can impress guests by making your home completely unique and imposing your vision upon it, and at the same time increase the value of your property.

The possibilities for home renovation are endless and yet most renovations show a distinct lack of imagination. Obviously renovating particular rooms is common, and particularly popular options are the kitchen and bathroom, both of which seem to become quickly outdated and impractical. These are two rooms that people spend a lot of time in every day (unlike other less up-together looking rooms you can’t avoid your own bathroom), and that are subject to lots of splashing and mess so can quickly wear out – scratches on the work surfaces, burns over the oven, stains in the toilet and mould on the ceiling being common culprits. By renovating these rooms you can get them looking once again as though they came from a show home and install all the latest conveniences and appliances – Jacuzzi baths, walk in showers, waste disposals and anything else that improves the style and the use of these practical rooms (look for things that are minimalist in design that do away with unnecessary frills for a modern spin).

At the same time you can renovate other rooms – your living room, dining room or bedrooms to get them looking brand new as well and add some variation to your daily life. All these options are fairly standard however and not particularly unique. What can make more of an impact is to convert one room into another (particularly when children start flying the nest). For example an old bedroom can make a great office or study to give you another quiet place to get away from the rest of the house and focus on work, study or relaxation. Not every house has a study but they are a great way to get some solitude and focus while you’re working or reading. Similarly conservatories are perfect for relaxing in and can be very atmospheric in the rain or at night.

Other rooms that are even more obscure and most houses don’t have that you could nevertheless consider are a games room, to provide the perfect place to entertain guests or share some drinks over table football and darts; a gym, for those looking to improve their fitness or who genuinely enjoy exercise; a library, for those with vast collections of books; a home theatre, if you can afford the large television and surround sound to warrant one; a work shop if you enjoy building or crafts; or even an observatory if you like the stars.

If you’re willing to go all out on your renovation you can knock down and build walls and flooring to make attic and loft conversions, add balconies, add en-suit bathrooms or divide or combine rooms. Think outside the box, use your imagination, and as long as your plans are within your budget you should be able to turn your house into the dream home you imagined as a child.

A great way to add value to your property, especially when it is not a great time to sell is through home renovations and house extensions [http://www.buildmasta.com.au] One of the best are kitchen renovations because they modernise the whole house.

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